03 popular ways to deploy and utilize Hybrid Cloud

Public Cloud services such as Microsoft Azure, Cloud Space enable IT teams, to enjoy cost-effective service, easily deploy and expand Data Center tasks into Hybrid Cloud environments. By combining hybrid Cloud with modern, ready-to-use virtualization solutions, businesses can reduce costs, increase flexibility, and improve system recovery times, data protection, and backups.

Benefits of Hybrid Cloud:

The immediate benefits can be mentioned as

  • Use public cloud service to eliminate the dependency on hard drives
  • Move backup sites/files to another platform, fully meeting the 3-2-1 criterion for data protection
  • Build the backup and recovery process for multiple offices (ROBO – Remote Office Branch Office), while still fully supporting the required resources
  • Allowing test and development tasks to be performed in the Cloud environment, enabling DevOps teams to work more efficiently and avoid having to invest more money in infrastructure.
  • Use the Cloud as a recovery testing environment.
Azure Hybrid Cloud

Scenario 1: Extending the Data Center environment to Cloud

The most attractive point of Hybrid Cloud is to replace traditional backup systems that have to rely on data center and move to cloud environments (Azure, AWS, Cloud Space). Traditional backup systems are often physical hard drives that are and will no longer be as efficient as virtual data centers.

Hard drives always face physical problems, especially when we store Backup files and when we need Reocery, an error occurs that affects the SLA. If you need to use more than one hard drive, then we have to spend additional costs to locate at the Data Center, and of course also the cost of manpower for maintenance, upgrade and repair.


With the use of Cloud environment, businesses can achieve easy 3-2-1 data protection:

3: Have at least 3 copies of data and application. In case the main production and backup don’t work, we still have the third version.
2: Save data on at least 2 storage platforms. Use Cloud backup for at least 1 copy, you greatly reduce the risk of losing important data
1: Keep a backup in one off-site location: If all copies are stored in multiple servers but the same location and disaster happen, all copies will be affected, preferably at 1 the “further away” place. Cloud solves this completely.

Scenario 2: Using Cloud to make ROBO (Remote-Office-Branch-Office) Data Storage

Backup and Recovery for remote offices always make IT team “headache” when IT staff is not available. Using the Hybrid Cloud combination model will get the following benefits:

  • Set the rule “3-2-1” to protect the data
  • Improved Recovery capabilities
  • RPO (system recovery time) is less than 15 minutes, one of the most demanding requirements of businesses.

Scenario 3: Backup and Restore all data to Cloud

Enterprises are increasingly adopting technology more deeply, in all industries. By 2020, IDC predicts that businesses will spend more than 60% of their IT budgets on scale-up strategies to digitize their business industries. With the use of Cloud Server, businesses can:

  • Enhance enterprise IT systems, by leveraging a cloud environment for testing, development, and migration.
  • Easily Implement Recovery Testing
  • Put multiple small and medium tasks on Cloud Server to improve the performance of physical storage devices, and always ensure enterprise IT systems have applied 3-2-1 rule for data protection
veeam-cloud-connect-to-azure (1)

Everyone understands Hybrid Cloud, but implementation is still difficult

In general, everyone understands that Hybrid Cloud is the integration between cloud and the on-premises environment. Understand that, but after choosing a platform for actual deployment, people feel it is still very difficult.

hybrid cloud 1

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