Backup as a Service and its great benefits

Data backup is extremely important for businesses. Secure backup of data, or backup solutions. When there is a problem with the Website system will help minimize damage to the business. Backup as a Service – a data security service is commonly used and brings a lot of efficiency to businesses.

Why do businesses need Backup as a Services?

Backup as a Service operates in a cloud model, helping to regularly back up business data.

backup as a service architecture Backup as a Service and its great benefits

Backup as a Service brings many benefits to businesses

During operation, the company may face risks such as software errors, operating systems, malware infections, hardware failures, hacker attacks… These risks can damage, lose important data such as contracts, emails, customer information…

According to statistics there are to:

  • 47% of companies infected by ransomware in 2016.
  • 70% of consumers indicated they would avoid businesses with security breaches.
  • $730,000 is the average cost to store outside the datacenter.
  • Data is rising 33 times faster than the IT staff.
  • 75% of CEOs see data as key to driving business growth.

It is for this reason that the regular backup of online data becomes more urgent. Backup as a Service helps protect business data as safely as possible.

Benefits of Backup as a Service data security services for businesses

The benefits of using Backup as a Service bring efficiency to businesses such as:

  • Optimal cost savings
  • Safety and security
  • Recover data quickly when there is a problem
  • Automatic scheduled data backup available

Optimal cost savings

With Backup as a Service, businesses will save significant costs and optimize efficiency.

Save money draas Backup as a Service and its great benefits
Backup as a Service helps businesses save costs and optimize efficiency

Backup as a Service meets data protection backups up to TB at a very reasonable cost. You won’t need to pay for hardware, and you can purchase a service pack according to your actual needs, avoiding resource wasting. Accordingly, Backup as a Service allows businesses to pay only for monthly data backup capacity. Businesses also do not need to invest in storage equipment such as NAS, SAN for backup at a high cost.

Besides, with professional services, you will receive free support from experts. This feature helps businesses ensure data is always safe, ready to recover, while saving staff costs, hiring equipment maintenance specialists. Some other advantages of data security services such as:

  • For the method to change the capacity used on demand, only pay the monthly fee according to the actual capacity used.
  • Enterprises do not need to invest in equipment and software for data backup.
  • No cost of configuring, installing, upgrading software.
  • There is absolutely no cost of repair, maintenance, or any other costs.

Safety and security

When using Backup as a Service from reputable units, businesses can be assured of data safety and security. Backups are sent to the Data Center via an SSL connection, encrypted according to the 256-bit AES standard. These backup data will only be decrypted when entering the correct security code that you originally set up.

Keep in mind that without security, even your provider can’t access your data. Therefore, you need to set the password so that it is not too easy to guess, but it is not too difficult to remember, so save it to a safe place to avoid losing it. Data will be stored in data center reservations, strict security mode, ensuring absolute safety.

Recover data quickly when there is a problem

Besides secure backups, it’s also important to recover data quickly.

DR as a Service Backup as a Service and its great benefits

When a problem occurs, businesses need to recover data in the shortest time, minimize damage caused by business interruptions. When using Backup as a Service s, businesses can request quick and accurate data recovery.

As the business grows, data will also increase gradually, storage capacity will also increase rapidly. When using Backup as a Service, businesses can easily request to upgrade backup capacity according to each stage of development. Thus, it does not interrupt the services in use, helping businesses save time, costs, avoid wasting resources.

Automatic scheduled data backup available

This is a great advantage of Backup as a Service. When using the service, data backup is done automatically according to the prein installed schedule. In addition, there is a log system that monitors the status of backup alerts, with emails notifying users of the results. In addition, the service only backs up changes since the last backup, which reduces network I/O and storage capacity, speeding up the backup process.

Backup as a Service allows customers to proactively set up their own on-demand data backup mechanisms by day, time, week,… Customers also easily track the recovery of lost data when needed with just a few clicks.

Address to provide reputable Backup as a Service

There are many Backup-as-a-Service providers on the market. However, not all units provide good and safe service. To avoid “money loss of bearing”. Businesses should choose reputable companies that provide quality Backup as a Service s such as Cloud Space.

3 2 1 rule of data Backup as a Service and its great benefits
The 3-2-1 Rule

Cloud Space Professional Backup as a Service & Restore Service

Cloud Space Backup as a Service & Restore service is built on the Veeam platform. Our services provide unprecedentedly high levels of data protection.

Backup as a Service & Restore has an easy-to-use interface with just a few installations, suitable for all audiences. Cloud Space protects more than 20+ platforms, combining advanced Anti-Ransomware security technology with AI. Therefore, all your data is always absolutely safe for any system.

We have many service packages suitable for many needs, different financial capabilities of the business.

Outstanding advantages of Backup as a Service from Cloud Space

– The service saves 20% of working hours through automated and focused tools.

– Backup in addition to the server system is running, the resource consumes at least to help reduce the load on the server.

– Helps reduce storage space on Cloud, Local,… thanks to compression technology.

– The lowest initial investment cost, cost savings, enterprises only pay fees according to the needs of use.

– Flexibility to expand according to actual needs. Data storage space is unlimited and scalable quickly to suit business needs.

– The service has a user-friendly interface, easy to use, just install and set up once, the service will automatically do the job as required.

Along with business development, data security should also be recognized as important in the 4.0 technology era. Backup as a Service of Cloud Space is one of the leading online data security services in Vietnam based on Veeam technology and support from GreenNet (first CSP receive the Silver CSP certification from Veeam). Our Backup as a Service uses the most advanced technologies today, integrating smart features, helping the data backup process to happen quickly.

To learn more about the Backup as a Service (BaaS) and our other services such as Virtual Private Cloud or Firewall as a Service, please contact Cloud Space for advice:

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