Differences Between Virtual Private Cloud, Dedicated Private Cloud and Private Cloud

Dedicated Private Cloud, Private Cloud, and Virtual Private Cloud have basic differences in architecture, customers (tenants), and how resources are allocated.

The decision to choose between these three types of cloud computing infrastructure will largely be based on these differences.

Businesses are considering before choosing between infrastructure Dedicated Private Cloud, Virtual Private Cloud or Private Cloud must first determine what the business is trying to accomplish.

virtual private cloud
Virtual Private Cloud diagram – Cloud Space VN

Basic differences

Private Cloud gives individual business departments more control over the IT resources allocated to them.

Virtual Private Cloud, meanwhile, provides businesses with a different level of isolation.

Dedicated Private Cloud is also suitable for businesses that need to use large and separate resource infrastructures but does not need to own assets for specific applications such as ERP, E-commerce, etc.

In details

The following is a brief comparison table, giving customers an overview of these three types of servers of Cloud Space:

CriteriaDedicated Private CloudPrivate CloudVirtual Private Cloud
ResourcesDedicated infrastructure – Single tenantDedicated infrastructure – Single tenantIsolated virtualization infrastructure
Form of servicePhysical infrastructurePhysical infrastructureIndependent resource package
AdministrationPhysical data centersPhysical data centersVirtual data centers
Expand resourcesHostHostResources
SafetyHigh – No resource sharingHigh – No resource sharingHigh – Firewall feature available
Deployment timeRapid deployment, prepackagedLong, Equipment deployment neededRapid deployment, prepackaged
Rental serviceNot ownedOwnedNot owned
Admin resourcesCloud SpaceCustomersCloud Space
Cloud characteristicYesNoYes
Virtualization administrationCloud SpaceCustomersCloud Space
Network administrationCloud SpaceCustomersCloud Space
Storage administrationCloud SpaceCustomersCloud Space
MonitoringCloud SpaceCustomersCloud Space
Upgrade, OptimizationCloud SpaceCustomersCloud Space
Differences Between Dedicated Private Cloud, Private Cloud, And Virtual Private Cloud

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