DR as a Service maintains the position as one of the compulsory services

Power outages, network problems, human failures and natural disasters can all contribute to system downtime, which is why Disaster Recovery as a service was born and always maintained its position in the group of compulsory services for companies with high data growth scale.

What is Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS / DR as a Service)?

DR as a service is like a form of purchasing data insurance for Data Center, and organizations using this service will have to pay a large amount for the purpose of preventing a kind of risk whose probability is not high. But once that happened, the consequences were extremely serious.

So, some organizations, instead of using DR as a service (DRaaS) or building a DR site, they will build another DC and thereby share traffic between the two DCs, speeding up the application for users according to the DC location.

DR as a Service
DR as a Service (DRaaS)

It is the advantage of a multinational business model and it is also economical, but the problem of data synchronization, database synchronization is still a hindrance, and it leads to if a disaster happens, the DR site may still suffer a loss of unsynchronized data, but in return, the two DC model will help businesses reduce downtime, increase recovery time as quickly as possible and they can professional data backup service solutions can be applied to minimize the sync risk.

Based on the orientation of building multi-datacenters infrastructure, and the advantages of this model, we can completely provide multi-virtual datacenters’ service to customers, but to operate concurrent applications between Multisite depends entirely on the functionality of the application and the real needs of the business.

To optimize costs while ensuring a disaster risk, we will provide a DR service based on the vCloud Director Availability solution, part of VMware’s vCloud Director Solutions suite, to the organization.

Logical operation of DR as a service is illustrated as follows:

dr as a service DR as a Service maintains the position as one of the compulsory services
DR as a Service diagram

The VMs will be replicated according to the calibration and balance (in terms of time, priority) in accordance with the types of applications that the business is deploying. vCloud Director Availability will perform signal controls to determine whether to enable failover when an error is detected. The downtime and failover time regulations will be discussed with the organization during the contract period.

DR as a Service (DRaaS) capabilities:

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DR as a Service) provides the following capabilities:

Flexible cloud-based redundancy

Flexible off-premise, cloud-based disaster recovery to cloud and between clouds, including necessary hybrid scenarios that are specifically needed for your VMware environment. DRaaS is much cheaper to manage than trying to create a disaster recovery platform yourself; customers do not need to purchase hardware and software; what the customer needs is just rent on demand.

Streamline cloud migration

DRaaS provides a simplified, secure, and substantial cost-effective cloud integration speeding up your migration efforts. DR processes are highly leveraged to facilitate quick and easy migration to the cloud.

Speed and simplicity

DRaaS is a self-service (and managed service) and will allow you to run replication on your vSphere client onto our target cloud or from our target cloud. You have full control over sync.

Improve business system continuity

Disaster recovery is an important part of your business continuity plan. Cloud-based DRaaS provides security against disasters that can bring down your applications and your infrastructure.

Invest in leverage / minimize TCO

Streamline DR processes by leveraging existing VMware investments, reducing costs as well as overhead. Benefit from a competitively priced, subscription-based solution designed on-demand with core features to minimize costs.

Vendor-managed DR reduces complexity and costs by letting a trusted partner master core DR operations and understand regulatory and compliance duties.

Quick DR test without interrupting current system

Backups and DR can be worthless if organizations don’t perform regular authentication to ensure they’ll work properly when needed. Minimize risk with quick, clean, simulated DR testing in minutes that enables frequently scheduled inspections required to plan and validate DR properly without compromising on-going DR operation your out… or your IT staff.

Bandwidth monitoring & Custom Reports

Get visibility into what DR is adding bandwidth to help fix latency issues.

Moreover, our service can get you visibility into what DR is consuming in terms of storage on the target environment.

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