Why is G Suite the perfect solution for businesses in 2020?

As a suite of cloud applications and collaboration software tools and software provided by Google, G Suite (Currently changed to Google Workspace) has been preferred by many businesses of various sizes for its flexibility, optimization, and cost. Currently, more than 5 million customers are using this service within the Enterprise.

G Suite portfolio

Delivers the best collaboration and teamwork experience for Businesses.

+ G Suite provides an effective user collaboration experience that enhances productivity and connects teams.

+ Teams can work together on the same document, spreadsheet or presentation at the same time, keeping team members up to date with the latest working versions.

+ Users can connect and work online from any device, chat individually or in groups via text, voice, and video messages.

+ Users can easily share schedules with teams or reminders, thereby optimizing planning and working more efficiently.

+ Insert a document or link for video chat in the schedule invitation.

+ G Suite works with Microsoft Office files. G Suite makes Microsoft Office working files more valuable and useful when users can use Google Docs to store, work, share, and modify most Office files.

A great tool for teamwork and collaboration

Reduce technology operating costs

+ No need to invest in hardware or software to install. Automatically update new versions.

+ The entire solution is accessed through a browser.

+ Version updates, advanced support, and continuous improvement at no additional cost.

+ G Suite provides a secure interface for integrating with existing enterprise systems with Google’s application programming interface.

Provides Enterprise level controls

+ Email archiving and administration with G Suite Vault.

+ Automate processes easily with G Suite Script.

+ Integrates with powerful cloud computing tools with Google Cloud Platform.

+ Mobile device management to ensure a good level of account security.

+ Commitment to full-time service quality.

+ Support by level


Who is the competitor of G Suite?

Currently, there are many email services from technology companies in the world, however, the application from two major technology companies, Google (G Suite) and Microsoft (Office 365) can be called an option to optimal for the business.

Online, Offline and Mobile Apps

Both applications offer online applications. This means you can access and edit all your documents anywhere, using any device, from PC, laptop, tablet to smartphone, as long as there’s a connection to the Internet.

With GSuite, Google does not provide an offline installer, customers can only work offline with Docs, Sheers, and Slides.

Office 365, by contrast, offers a complete installation suite (with mid and high versions), so you can work offline with most of the basic office applications.

Online storage

With both apps, Google and Microsoft both provide online storage services.

GSuite allows 30GB storage per user for email, archiving, and photos for Basic, with higher versions (Business and Enterprise), storage capacity is unlimited (1TB if the number of users less than 05 users).

Microsoft allows 50GB for email (doesn’t apply to Business editions) and 1TB for OneDrive for all versions.

Sync Calendar, Contacts and email

With Office 365, whenever your computer, tablet, or phone connects to the Internet, OneDrive and Outlook sync. This means that any changes to your files, calendar, contacts, and email will be synchronized in both cloud and device sections.

Everything in Google is online. The mobile app will sync whenever your device connects to the Internet. GSuite will upload any changes you’ve made in Docs, Sheets, or Slides. In addition, calendar, contacts, and email will be synchronized in real-time thanks to the DriveFileStream feature.

Compatibility between G Suite and Office 365

G Suite can open all file formats of Office 365 and vice versa so this problem is not too complicated if you are worried about that.


Both apps offer a variety of prices for their services. Considering the lowest version, the latest KM program applies to the Vietnamese market:

+ In the Basic version, Office 365 costs $ 2.5 for a month of use with 50GB of mailbox space.

+ Gmail costs $ 3 for 1 month of use with 30GB of storage.

Technical assistance:

Both applications provide 24/7 technical support and both provide a knowledge resource center for users and administrators to learn by themselves; offer a community inquiry forum.

However, in fact, contacting the Google support team in Vietnam is more convenient because it is easier to find contact information and the design of the Google connection page is easier to search than Microsoft’s.

Scalability and upgradability:

With all G Suite editions, Google allows us to increase the number of users whenever you want, and without limit as long as you accept additional payments. However, G Suite requires compulsory upgrade to all the Users in the account simultaneously.

With Office 365 (Essentials, Business & Business Premium), only a maximum of 300 users is allowed. Exceeding this level, you are forced to choose a different version to combine. And Office 365 lets you combine instance types in the same organization.

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