5 popular Public Cloud use cases

When cloud computing technology first appeared, many users were hesitant about storing their sensitive corporate information on the Cloud. Many of these concerns are related to Public Cloud infrastructure, but as the platforms have improved, most of these concerns also gradually disappear. This article will discuss public cloud use cases for customers to understand how the public cloud can use after reading about its features.

While businesses are now more comfortable using Public Cloud technology, there are still use cases that are more suitable for this infrastructure compared to other businesses.

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Said TechTarget. “The Public Cloud service can be perfectly suited to support non-core applications, assuming that you trust the provider and that the provider can provide additional assurance in the form of translation level guarantees. full service, response time, … “

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Public Cloud use cases

Indeed, Public Cloud is increasingly used in support of internal departments within the company. Let’s take a look at some common use cases:

1) Public cloud use case 1: Improve collaboration and project management

One of the most beneficial applications for Public Cloud has been seen in collaboration between company and project management. According to Tech Republic contributor Mary Shacklett, these processes have been viewed as obstacles because legacy technologies require administrators to ensure that all resources are up to date. Now, with the cloud, these pressures are lessened and employees can collaborate better with each other.

“Now there are cloud-based solutions that tie together project participants and stakeholders, allowing real-time updates to projects and collaboration in real time,” Shacklett writes. that the project managers have never seen before.

This way, the information will not be missed, and people can be sure they are working with the most recent information.

2)Public cloud use case 2: IaaS and SaaS

One win in using Public Cloud is different from IaaS. DeCarlo notes that IaaS allows companies to better support their test and development initiatives and also have redundant storage space. The Public Cloud architecture has also been leveraged for Software as a Service (SaaS) services, enabling the use of messaging and productivity applications, as well as for customer relationship management systems.

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One of the most compelling benefits of these types of systems is the ability to offload specific workloads into a cloud provider’s environment, preventing companies from undergoing costly scaling up of data centers. their existing materials.

“Since they can pay basic subscription fees like increasing or decreasing resources, businesses don’t incur new capital costs, and they also reduce the risk of resources going idle during application development, testing,” Shacklett note.

This way, businesses significantly cut costs and help ensure that none of their precious resources are wasted.

3) Public cloud use case 3: Data Archiving

Many organizations are also using Public Cloud to store certain historical data. However, in this case, administrators must make sure they are mindful of industry standards when migrating this data to the cloud.

Shacklett notes that when information is not inherited for Big Data analysis and archival purposes only, this is complete use of Public Cloud. This way, companies can still have access to this data if they need to.

Data Archiving 5 popular Public Cloud use cases

4) Public cloud use case 4: Sales and sales management

In addition, corporations also take advantage of the Public Cloud environment to manage supplier and sales force information. Shacklett notes that it can be difficult to maintain appropriate and accessible records relating to all the vendors that a global organization works with.

These companies need solutions that allow them to access specific sales and customer details data. This is where Public Cloud comes in, providing this information to every authorized user in the company, no matter where they operate from.’

sales in public cloud 5 popular Public Cloud use cases

5) Public cloud use case 5: Use as software development and testing environment

Cloud deployments are also used for housing and pre-release software product hosting. This allows a distributed geographic development team to perform all of the development and testing processes in the simplest way.

Developers, QA staff, and other stakeholders can access and make changes to the project and have them reflected in real-time to other users involved. It can simplify the development of products on multiple operating systems without depending on any specific architecture, and can easily scale to the needs of any project.

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