The application of Cloud GPU explode from 2020

application of cloud gpu
The application of cloud gpu

With the explosion of technology in the 21st century, applications increasingly require the ultra-high computation capacity of computer systems. The Cloud GPU provides parallel computing capabilities to help scientists and engineers handle complex calculations in their applications on the Cloud.

Cloud Space cooperates with multiple partners to provide Cloud GPU services to customers with the processing capacity of up to tens / hundred teraflops to help customers handle complex problems in many different fields such as VR / AR / 3D systems. for Render, E-commerce systems, Big Data … Here are some common use cases using Cloud GPU.

The application of Cloud GPU in Rendering

Cloud gpu application architecture
The application of Cloud GPU in Rendering

Video and image technology is developing more and more, the application of 3D / VR in movies has become popular on all contents on television. Graphics businesses have also adopted these technologies for their customers.

Designing a store, house or tall building becomes easier for customers. Now when 2D drawings do not bring visualization in the interaction between the business and the customer, instead are 3D / VR applications that help customers experience the reality of their home before construction. .

With requests from customers, designers based on 3D / VR systems take only a few minutes to design for customers through GPU systems. Changing the location of rooms and equipment in the design is simpler than ever. Customers can view images as if they were in real space to avoid future modification or modification.

The application of Cloud GPU in other fields

GPU Acceleration
  • Real estate: Real estate sellers can approach and introduce apartments to customers on the online website without having to go to see the apartment directly.
  • Photography: Introducing a client to scenes from their upcoming set of photos that help clients experience the location before they shoot.
  • Hotels, tourist locations: Preview tourist destinations, hotels planning to stay before joining the tour to help customers enjoy a more enjoyable vacation.
  • Restaurants, retail systems: dishes in AR / VR / 3D form help customers to see the food/objects they are about to experience.
  • Insurance: Insurance analysts can assess detailed damage in rich, intuitive 3D images as if they were standing at the scene to take measurements and take pictures for the assessment. insurance costs of customers.

What is Cloud GPU?

It is a virtual cloud server service that uses a Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) chip – a dedicated processor to speed up and process graphics for the central processor CPU. The GPU chip can receive thousands of data streams at the same time, so it can speed up the processing thousands of times faster than 1 CPU.

Combining the flexibility of the Public Cloud platform and the outstanding processing power of the NVIDIA Tesla T4 Card family for the needs of deployment and research in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Virtual Desktops …

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