Our online video meeting solution is based on Jitsi – a set of open-source projects that allows you to easily build and deploy secure video conferencing solutions.

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Key points.

New technology. User-friendly process of arranging video and audio calls, as well as multi-meeting rooms

Multiple devices supported. Support of all available clients (Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android).

Security. High level of privacy and security due to deployment inside isolated containers with encrypted traffic.

Lower Internet Dependencies. Help your organizations save a lot of money for international Internet bandwidth by self-hosted or use our cloud environment locally.

Integration. With our solution, you can easily integrate with different applications (Internal portal, LMS, Chat platform, etc.).


Lower Latency, Better Quality. Our solution ensures a much more scalable and inexpensive solution.

Compatible with WebRTC. The open standard for Web communication that you only need a browser to make a conference.

Presentation Mode. Replace the existing traditional paid conference tools.


Anywhere, Any devices. With our solution, you can make a conference with any devices, you only need a browser.

Interactive. Easy to share screen, raise hands, or private chat. We simulate as a real meeting room/classroom.

Dynamic. Fit with different scenarios, easy to custom development, and special needs.